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Patents Prosecuted

Application numberTitle of the patentIPCFiling DateDecision Date
60902668 Expandable devices for emplacement in bone and other body parts and methods of use of such devices Feb 21, 2007
60901540 Immunoglobulin fusion proteins having reduced inflammatory response and methods of making Feb 14, 2007
12162658 Rage Fusion Proteins And Methods Of Use A61P, A61K Jan 22, 2007 May 3, 2012
60849860 Products and methods for directional delivery of material to bone and other internal body parts Oct 5, 2006
60818776 Compositions and methods for genetic modification of cells having cosmetic function to enhance cosmetic appearance Jul 5, 2006
60812771 Protein binding of raw crab meat and food products derived therefrom Jun 11, 2006
60794272 Cold structured binded meat of walking decapods and food products derived therefrom Apr 19, 2006
60771619 RAGE fusion proteins and methods of use Feb 8, 2006
60723724 Nucleic acid constructs for the identification of species-specific insecticides Oct 4, 2005
60698291 Devices, systems and methods for emplacing material in bone and other internal body structures Jul 10, 2005
60614807 Methods and products for treating wood and wood products made therefrom Sep 29, 2004
60598362 Rage fusion proteins and methods of use Aug 2, 2004
60598555 RAGE fusion proteins and methods of use Aug 2, 2004
60564073 Fiber reinforced thermoset polymer composites and methods and systems for making same Apr 20, 2004
60554183 Use of fluorescence polarization to identify compounds that modulate rage Mar 17, 2004
60537051 Simulated divided light product and process for making the same Jan 15, 2004
60531307 Methods and systems for sliding windows and doors Dec 18, 2003
60529384 Ligands for 17L as modulators of orthopox viruses and methods for discovery thereof Dec 11, 2003
60526462 Remote monitoring system Dec 2, 2003
60498847 Methods and systems for identification of insecticides and hormone receptor activators Aug 28, 2003