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Core Wireless v. LG affirms the denial of summary judgment as to unpatentable subject matter, ruling that the asserted claims are directed to an improved user... Read More »
In the sole precedential patent case decided this week, Flexuspine v. Globus, the Circuit affirms rulings of the district court relating to verdict forms where the... Read More »
The Supreme Court is taking another patent case, granting certiorari in WesternGeco v. Ion. A divided panel of the Circuit had ruled that the plaintiff was not... Read More »
The big news yesterday was the Circuit’s en banc decision in Wi-Fi  One v. Broadcom in which a majority of the court holds that, given the strong... Read More »
In both HTC v. Cellular and Microsoft v. Biscotti, the Circuit affirms rare IPR determinations that all of the claims of the patents at issue are not invalid. In... Read More »
Arctic Cat v. Bombardier deals with obviousness, patent marking, reasonable royalties, willfulness and enhanced damages. The panel affirms all of the district... Read More »
We do not usually report on district court cases, but the Columbia Sportswear v. Seirus design patent case handled by our firm is particularly interesting, given the... Read More »
.In the Micron Tech case, the Circuit rules that TC Heartland changed the law on patent venue such that Micron’s argument of improper venue is now much easier... Read More »
In Sanofi v. Watson Labs., the Circuit affirms a determination of induced infringement of one patent and direct infringement of another, thus assuring Sanofi another... Read More »
In Bayer v. Watson, the panel throws out Bayer’s patent to its Staxyn erectile dysfunction drug as being obvious, noting that the district court focused too... Read More »