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A Heads Up Display, or HUD, refers to any transparent display presenting data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoint. HUDs used to be restricted to the realm of video games, but as technology has advanced live HUDs are becoming part of reality with a variety of interesting potential applications.

A HUD can be integrated into different systems from an in vehicle display for augmented navigation helping drivers navigate their surroundings to products like Google Glass. Applications span from remote control of drones for military or exploratory uses to control for an entertainment system. With innovation in technologies such as gesture control, potential applications continue to expand.

The goal of this challenge is to develop and identify a key innovative application for HUD technology and outline the technological advances needed to successfully implement the technology for that purpose.

With your response please address the following aspects:

  1. The application you suggest for HUD technology.
  2. The reason that application is important, either in terms of business profitability or societal benefit.
  3. A description of the technological advances needed to make your innovation a reality
  4. OPTIONAL: a sketch of a model showing your application of HUD technology
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Additional Notes

Public (Open Voting)
Public (Open Voting) Contest

This is a Public (Open Voting) Contest that gives you, the subject matter expert, the chance to vote and submit your theory on the important topics of today.

The winner of the contest will be determined by a popular vote of all Patexia members. The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card from the team at Patexia.

Submissions are due on: Wednesday, January 6th, 2016
Voting closes on: Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Please make sure that your work is original and submitted in English.

The Prize:  The winner based on a community vote will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to  Runners up can request certificates of recognition from Patexia to demonstrate international business experience.