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If anyone finds this reference Housed Plenum Array , Plug and Plenum Fans - Greenheck Feb 1, 2001... Read More »
Andy BosyiThanks for following up on this Jon! :)
Nov 21, 2014
Hello,  Do we need to find a single reference which discloses all features as requested? I am wondering, if 4 patents were needed to protect four different... Read More »
J LHi Bikramjit, that's a very good ponit. Here's the explanation: In a Prior Art Search contest, Patexia urges you to submit ONLY your best reference as your main reference and it should cover MOST (if not all) of the questions and this is what happens in 80% of the time. In addition to that, you can add the supporting reference in your submission to answer the questions that your main reference doesn't cover. Detailed contest rules can be further found here (
Nov 19, 2014
If anyone is interested this the the product that it appears the patents in question cover Read More »
Jon ShiellOOPS, one thing I should have pointed out, the product is from the company that owns the patent, i.e. the patents protect this device
Nov 19, 2014
J LThank you Jon. I want make a follow up comment on this topic: we don't want to narrow down our search scope in this project. Thus we welcome patent and NPL publications describing the same invention as long as it's before 03/20/2014.
Nov 25, 2014