Jul 22, 2021Legal
3 Steps for an Effective Copyright Protection

One of the basic principles of the Berne Convention is that of “automatic protection”, which means that copyright protection exists automatically from the time a qualifying work is fixed in a tangible medium. However, it doesn’t stop the copyright infringement which nowadays takes place frequently. Follow these steps to ensure the best protection for your work:

➡️ A copyright notice is not required, however, displaying a notice shows that the work is protected by copyright and you take infringements of your work seriously certainly helps many people think twice.
➡️ In cases of copyright infringement, evidence will be required to support your claims. Registering your work with verifiable proof of date in a local copyright service will certainly give you a huge advantage in the case.
➡️ The works that can be copyrighted always come from a progression of work. Keeping the evidences such as drafts, recordings, initial sketches etc. is very helpful. These evidences are hard to fake and very time consuming so it’s quite a good form of demonstration to prove the work was created and belongs to you.

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