Mar 20, 2012Science and Technology
Honeywell Building Solutions introduces its new Attune Advisory Services to help cut management expenses

Honeywell Building Solutions introduced its new Attune Advisory Services today, which is a suite of professional services that combines cloud-based tools and analytics with a global network of operations centers. Up to 20 percent in utility bills and operating expenses is expected to be cut as Attune will help building owners on all levels of the energy- and operational-efficiency spectrum: it will provide technology and support to gain baseline awareness of building performance, make improvements to reduce energy and operations costs and define an ongoing strategy to manage and optimize a facility. Since simply monitoring building systems and providing base-level comfort is no longer enough on the part of facility managers, President of Honeywell, Paul Orzeske, says, “With Attune, we’re providing the ease and convenience of cloud-based technology with expert advice and actionable guidance so companies can capture and maintain those savings,” such as One Liberty Plaza already has.

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