Apr 9, 2012Science and Technology
Mayo Clinic launches breast cancer genome study

The Mayo Clinic is launching a whole genome breast cancer study. In phase one of the Breast Cancer Genome Guided Therapy Study (BEAUTY Project), researchers will study the first 200 participants to look for common mutations that allow some tumors to adapt and thrive during chemotherapy. The researchers will obtain three whole genome sequences -- one from a breast cancer patient’s healthy cells before treatment, and two tumors genomes from before and after chemotherapy -- to tailor chemotherapy for individual patients. The patients will be paired with mouse ‘avatars’ to identify their best treatments. This information will help doctors identify new drugs and treatment strategies. "What is so exciting about this study is that it has the potential to really bring individualized medicine to our patients," says Matthew Goetz, Mayo oncologist and study co-leader. "It will transform how we conduct breast cancer research and how drug therapies are delivered to women with breast cancer."

Relevant Locations: Rochester, MN, USA
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