Jun 18, 2012Science and Technology
New Songza mobile app is top iPad download

There is a new rising star on the mobile music scene. The Songza application, released just 10 days ago, has been downloaded 1.15 million times, making it the number one iPad app and the number two iPhone app. Much of Songza’s charm is in its simplicity that makes it ideal for on-the-go. The user can access unique playlists by selecting what he or she is doing on a particular day and time. Cooking breakfast on a Monday morning? The Songza app has a playlist for you. Another benefit to the free app? Unlike Pandora, it has no audio ads.

Jackie KellySounds pretty awesome. I hope the playlists are as good as they claim!
Jun 18, 2012
Daniel PorterTried it -- actually a pretty neat take on the concept. It's a little more like a well-curated for your smartphone. Potentially very useful!
Jun 20, 2012