Dec 28, 2011Science and Technology
Sleep solutions that will improve your productivity in 2012

If you’re like most entrepreneurs in this world, your list of New Year’s resolutions probably mentions productivity.  What business owner wouldn’t want to improve their productivity, right?  You may not be able to control every factor that affects your company’s productivity, but you can control your personal productivity.  Most experts will agree that a productive day begins with a good night’s sleep.  An active lifestyle is a great way to improve your sleep quality, but there is a handful of new technology innovations designed for sleep-deprived, technology-tied folks everywhere.    


The MoodKit® app for the iPhone is probably the best technology innovation you can find that will increase the chances of accomplishing your goals for 2012.  The app is developed by two doctors regarded as experts in the field of cognitive behavior therapy.  The concept is simple and is based on five principals (productivity, socialization, enjoyment, physical activity, and healthy habits) that can change how you think and act on a daily basis. Read more health and wellness tips from MoodKit®.   


Restorative sleep is arguably the most important foundation for a productive day.  Quality of sleep is often measured by how quickly you fall asleep, how often you wake up, the number of hours you sleep each night, and how deeply you sleep.  Problems with sleep typically occur with mood and substance abuse disorders.  Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea affect as many as 22 million Americans, and leave people irritable and tired upon awakening.  If you suspect you have a sleep disorder, there are a number of new technology innovations that can evaluate your sleep patterns and even send the data directly to your doctor. 


Check out the Zeo Sleep Manager and Lark.  Zeo Sleep Manager is a device that you wear while you sleep as a headband.  It tracks your sleep patterns and provides online tools to improve your sleep fitness.  Lark is a mobile app for the iPhone that works a lot like the Zeo Sleep Manager, but it’s a wristband instead of a headband.  These two products are evidence that people are recognizing the link between sleep and well being, and technology innovators are meeting the demand with technology gadgets.  Furthermore, doctors and sleep centers are prescribing at-home testing devices for patients with sleep apnea symptoms as a means of saving money and time.  Not to mention, the convenience and comfort factor for the patient.  An inventive group of college students have developed an app for sleep apnea testing; all they need is an investor.  Any volunteers?


Another root cause of sleep problems is over-stimulation of the brain close to bedtime, resulting in hyper mental activity.  If you’ve ever felt like you can’t shut off your brain, then you are suffering from too much mental activity.  Stress and light sensitivity can contribute to this effect.  The best recommendation may be to begin de-stressing at least two hours before bedtime. 


If you are a night owl and must work late night hours on the computer, or you find it difficult to unplug until you're actually falling asleep while staring at the screen, the f.lux download may fix that problem.  It makes the color of your screen adapt to the time of day. The computer screen is designed to be bright like sunlight and keep you alert.  With the f.lux screen adjustment, those late night hours online will feel more like bedtime and less like mid-day sunshine on your face.  The result?  You’ll find it easier to transition into a good sleep after unplugging. 

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