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CHEETAH OMNI LLC v. AT&T SERVICES, INC. Before Lourie, Bryson, and Chen.  Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of... Read More »
FRAUNHOFER-GESELLSCHAFT v. SIRIUS XM RADIO INC. Before Dyk, Linn, and Taranto.  Appeal from the District of Delaware. Summary:  Contract... Read More »
Seeking More Granularity on Patent Pools? Patent pools and groupings of standard essential patents (SEPs) facilitate one-stop shopping of patent licensees. When... Read More »
In Arctic Cat Inc. v. Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., [2017-1475] (December 8, 2017), the Federal Circuit affirmed the district court’s denial of... Read More »
Written by Jeffrey C. Wu, Ph.D. and Brenden S. Gingrich, Ph.D. I. Summary The Supreme Court in Life Technologies Corp. v. Promega Corp. held that providing a... Read More »
A main goal of the patent system is to incentivize innovation within an economy. Investment in the research and development of inventions can be substantial. Without... Read More »
International pharmaceutical giant Novartis is suing the United Kingdom's national health system (NHS) for using a cheaper, unlicensed drug instead of... Read More »
    Intellectual Ventures (IV), an invention and investment company founded by the former Chief Strategist and Chief Technology Officer of... Read More »
  Licensing is one of the most important and most common transaction formats for commercializing information and information assets today. We live in an... Read More »
Nishant Boraits quite informative for starters
Jun 30, 2011