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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced approval of Banyan Biomarkers, Inc.’s Banyan BTI (Brain Trauma Indicator) under the FDA’s De ... Read More »
A technology breakthrough for eliminating tremor's in Parkinson's sufferers.  
The Cognitive Technology Threat Warning System (CT2WS) was first proposed in 2007 by our friends at DARPA. Not surprisingly, the system—which is a lot like... Read More »
Patexia recently covered new NASA-based infrared camera technology that is being tested in operating theaters as a tool to help excise brain tumors with more... Read More »
The '662 patent is owned by Parallel Iron, whose attorneys have recently filed suit against Internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and even some... Read More »
Wes Boudville[continued from previous posting] but no one did, then this can be used precisely as an argument for non-obviousness.
Feb 26, 2015
Wes BoudvilleBecause no one invented the invention prior to the actual filing date, and all the starting points of the patent were present. This is related to a recent quote by a Supreme Court jurist who said regarding non-obviousness that for any patent, anyone who objected to it could merely say, after disclosure, that the patent was obvious. It is never enough to say that it is obvious. One has to raise more precise points about the patent vis a vis the prior art. And one of the arguments for non-obviousness that can be made by the patent inventor is like judo - what I mentioned above.
Feb 26, 2015
Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have developed the world’s most accurate device for mapping brain activity. Thanks to new low-field MRI, the device... Read More »
Space age imaging equipment, up until now developed and used by NASA to study distant stars, will soon be a critical tool of the operating room. The infrared camera... Read More »
Breakthrough new research out of Massachusetts General Hospital shows that the use of magnetic field stimulation from microscopic devices implanted into the brain may ... Read More »
Jackie KellyIt's interesting that nursing homes deny patients with DBS. Are the risks and extra care really that great, or is it just a matter of misinformation about the treatment?
Jul 3, 2012
Imagine the human brain as akin to the interstate highway system, with neural pathways as feeder roads that direct much of the traffic into select hubs that are... Read More »
The brain functions very differently from our current computational technologies; neuron linkages are much more complex, and information is sent in spikes of very small... Read More »
Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Medical Center discovered a new technique that will aid in assessing concussion victims... Read More »
There is plenty that we do not know about the mysterious process of protein folding. Protein structure -- the spacial structure, and not simply the amino-acid... Read More »
Princeton researchers have developed a way to make a common biological test more than 3 million times more sensitive. The greatly increased performance of the test... Read More »
A new non-invasive technique for stimulation of the brain has helped healthy individuals learn new walking patterns more rapidly. This suggests that the technique... Read More »
  In the fast-moving world of computer memory, DRAM and Flash are the current best options, but neither is perfect. The solution is ReRAM, technology... Read More »
Imaging brain activity by detecting very weak magnetic fields within the brain is a technology we've been using for years. Recently German scientists have... Read More »
University of Iowa neuroscientist John Wemmie’s studies suggest that pH changes are important for normal brain activity and increased acidity is linked to... Read More »
In the wake of Samsung's Exynos quad-core processors, now powering their increasingly successful line of Galaxy smartphones, the semiconductor leader has started... Read More »
Navy pilots and flight specialists will soon have "smart machines" installed in training simulators that learn from expert instructors to more efficiently... Read More »
A quiet battle is currently raging over computer memory. The combatants, many of whom are also allies, include Japan and South Korea, DRAM and NAND, solid-state and... Read More »