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A group of Clemson University researchers was unsatisfied with the limited properties of modern fiber optic cables. “We have used a highly purified version of... Read More »
The National Research Council demands a photonics revolution... and so it shall be! Okay, so that demand may have been more of a recommendation. Who cares? It’s ... Read More »
The inspiration behind NASA scientist’s quest to build a highly specialized X-ray mirror comes from an unusual source: a roll of Scotch® tape. The rounded... Read More »
Traditional surface-emitting lasers necessary for a high-speed optical links on microchips stand between 20 to 30 micrometers tall, dwarfing their silicon... Read More »
A “heralded” photon is one of a pair whose existence is proclaimed by the detection of its partner -- the “herald” photon. To attain heralded single photons... Read More »
Photonics is a class of devices analogous to our current electronics except using photons of light instead of electrons. In photonics, light serves as the... Read More »
Even though the photon is king in the age of high-speed computing, producing the finely tuned particles of light is a complex and time-consuming process, at least... Read More »
Ghent University and imec announce the launch of IPKISS as an open source software platform. IPKISS is a generic and modular software framework for parametric design... Read More »
New solar cells could increase the maximum efficiency of solar panels by over 25 percent, according to scientists from the University of Cambridge. Typically, a solar ... Read More »
Feb 8, 2012
Rockwell Collins has launched work on Phase 2 of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) research contract valued at $5.3 million. The effort is expected... Read More »