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The science of photonics includes the generation, emission, transmission, modulation, signal processing, switching, amplification, and detection/sensing of light. The term photonics thereby emphasizes that photons are neither particles nor waves — they are different in that they have both particle and wave nature. It covers all technical applications of light over the whole spectrum from ultraviolet over the visible to the near-, mid- and far-infrared. Most applications, however, are in the range of the visible and near infrared light. The term photonics developed as an outgrowth of the first practical semiconductor light emitters invented in the early 1960s and optical fibers developed in the 1970s.
Merck KGaA of Darmstadt, Germany, said it has invested more than a €7 million to open a design and testing center for organic LEDs (OLEDs) in Gyeonggi Province... Read More »
Arradiance Inc. has licensed its nanofilm microchannel plate (MCP) imager and detector technology to Photek Ltd. of St. Leonards-on-Sea, UK. Terms of the deal were not ... Read More »