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Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) are a promising avenue for cell replacement therapy in neurological diseases. Mouse and human iPSCs have been used to generate... Read More »
Elisabeth ManvilleWow that's amazing!
Jan 25, 2012
Jackie KellyVery exciting to hear about yet another stem cell breakthrough.
Jan 24, 2012
In numerous studies, stem cell implantation has substantially improved brain function after brain trauma, but researchers did not understand why this worked. In new... Read More »
Recently, scientists were able to grow a pituitary gland using embryonic stem cells. The pituitary gland is sort of the “brain” of the endocrine system... Read More »
Those following Dancing with the Stars know that this season’s hero was J.R. Martinez. J.R. Martinez was horribly injured in the war and suffered severe burns... Read More »
Six thousand people have died from lack of suitable bone marrow donations in the two years since Doreen Flynn, the mother of three daughters whose rare genetic... Read More »
In a recent decision, the European Union Court of Justice, sitting in Grand Chamber, has ruled on three questions concerning interpretation of Article 6(2)(c) of EU... Read More »
The movie 'Limitless' features the character Eddie Morra (played by Bradley Cooper) as an average author who gains genius intelligence after taking a pill. He ... Read More »
It is said that a living organism is as old as its stem cells. And a research group led by the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and the Georgia Institute of... Read More »