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“Magic Words” Unnecessary in Identifying Field of Endeavor for Analogous Art

Written by: Raymond S. Lu & Daniel Kiang NETFLIX, INC. v. DivX, LLC Before Hughes, Stoll, and Stark.  Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Summary...

Patexia Insight 186: PGR vs. IPR: Analyzing Patent Challenge Outcomes

In the dynamic realm of intellectual property, remaining at the forefront is absolutely essential. Tomorrow marks the release of a pivotal milestone – the seventh edition of our...

Shire v. Blackburn: Drawing the Line Between FDA Drug Labeling Regulations and State Law on Product Liability

Written by: Ari Feinstein & Jane Dai, Ph.D. On June 2, 2023, drug manufacturer Shire US Inc. and related entity Shire LLC (collectively, “Shire”) asked the...

SAIC GM Wuling's Design Patent Application for Car Published by Indian Patent Office On June 30, 2023, the Indian Patent Office made an ... Read More »
Nikola Tesla's Patent (US359748A) for the Dynamo-Electric Machine Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors in history, left an... Read More »
In U.S. technology news, Heliogen, Inc., a renewable energy technology company, recently announced its selection to receive a $4,100,000 award from ... Read More »
The country’s largest whiskey maker will finally get its day before the US Supreme Court in a dog-toy trademark case that could shape the... Read More »
Global intellectual property (IP) filings for patents, trademarks and designs reached new heights in 2021, showing the resilience of the global... Read More »
Viatris Inc. (NASDAQ: VTRS), a global healthcare company, today announced that it has been named the winner in three categories at the 10th annual LMG... Read More »
Circuit courts have struggled for decades to adopt a uniform approach for when to apply the Lanham Act extraterritorially. That struggle may end soon. In ... Read More »
I. Enforcement Relief and Trademarks Assuming the gravity of a trademark infringement does not rise to the level of a criminal referral, both... Read More »
Guarding intellectual property (IP), especially product formulas, and committing to as low a minimum order as possible are two major considerations for... Read More »
The global insurance brokerage and consulting firm, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., has acquired a North Carolina-based intellectual property insurance... Read More »
Dyk, J. Reversing grant of motion to dismiss, due to lack of standing, and remanding. The district court found that the patent owner had granted an... Read More »
Fenwick intellectual property partner Carl Morales will moderate and litigation partner Ryan Johnson will serve on a panel discussing key issues related... Read More »
Why have you chosen to make your career at Husch Blackwell? After graduating from law school, I took a job with a boutique intellectual property... Read More »
Is it Possible to Apply Physically Newton's Third Law of Motion as a Dynamic Cycle System in a Motor Device in a + Positive Way? 3rd... Read More »
The FDA has published new web pages about Monkeypox and medical devices. The new web page, titled Monkeypox and Medical Devices, includes ... Read More »
3rd Thermodynamic Law Applicate in a Power-Plant Device. The Reaction at From of the Action. New Torque Power. It’s a simple Plus Formula of the... Read More »
3rd Thermodynamic Law Applicate in a Power-Plant Device. The Reaction at From of the Action. New Torque Power. It’s a simple Plus Formula of the... Read More »
Carlos Barrera*New Math Symbol: I deal with the Requirements of a new mathematical symbol, in order to explain the Retrodynamic Phenomenon that occurs in an invention that I am developing. It is called the "Retrodynamic Effect" and it is created by having a situation of an axis turning in the opposite direction in a rotating system and in this way a great force is created. And there is currently no mathematical symbol that can explain it.
Mar 19, 2022
Carlos BarreraIt's because I'm talking about something that you can't even think is physically possible.
And in my invention ·1-Gearturbine: I present it already in a system that works in a mechanical Efficiency simple way.
You can appreciate it simply by following the direction of the internal flow, opposite in favor of the blade/Planetary Gear.
And contrary to the Rotary Move. Thats Retrodynamic.
Just Follow the the Dynamic Motion at the cycle System.
It's not only concern of one force/Action. Are two forces:
Action +Plus Reaction = Retrodynamic
Mar 19, 2022
According to the Trade Court, Google infringed on five audio technology patents held by the speaker manufacturer Sonos and as a result is not allowed to import... Read More »
Can Physically apply Newton's III 3rd third law of motion, as a cycle system in a Motor Engine Device? 3rd Thermodynamic Law Applicated in a Power-Plant Device... Read More »
·1-GEARTURBINE State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech: Reaction Turbine, ·Rotary-Turbo, Similar of the Aeolipilie ·1-Gearturbine: Reaction Turbine... Read More »
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