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Major Med Device Product Developer GE HealthCare Collaborating with Healthcare Providers

Written by: Kregg Koch For good reasons, including product safety, quality assurance, development of delivery procedures and instructions, it has been a common practice for medical...

Fresh From the Bench: Latest Precedential Patent Cases

CASE OF THE WEEK Baxalta Inc. v. Genentech, Inc., Appeal No. 22-1461 (Fed. Cir. Sept. 20, 2023) Our Case of the Week focuses on the enablement requirement. It’s the first case...

Enter TitleFederal Circuit Revisits Standard for Enablement of Antibody Claims

Written by: Ashley C. Morales & Joseph Mallon, Ph.D. In Baxalta Incorporated v. Genentech, Inc., 2022-1461, the Federal Circuit affirmed the district court’s decision...

Fresh From the Bench: Latest Precedential Patent Cases

CASE OF THE WEEK Columbia Sportswear North America, Inc. v. Seirus Innovative Accessories, Inc., Appeal Nos. 2021-2299, -2338 (Fed. Cir. Sept. 15, 2023) In a decade-old case that has ...

Prosecution History May Support a Motivation to Combine

Written by: Rhett D. Ramsey & Jacob R. Rosenbaum Elekta Limited v. Zap Surgical Systems, Inc. Before: Reyna, Stoll, and Stark. Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. ...

Landmark CAFC Cases in Patent Law: Shaping the Future of Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of patent law, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) has played a pivotal role in shaping the rules and precedents governing intellectual...

FDA Releases Draft Guidances on 510(k) Submissions

Written by: Paige L. Cappelli On September 6, 2023, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) released three draft guidance documents to provide updated...

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Pedram SameniSame as Steven Sasson at Kodak, Xerox also invented many great products such as mouse, ... but they never got the attention they deserved.
Feb 11, 2012
Anonymous In my opinion, diversification is good and should be part of the strategy of every company as long as it doesn't hurt the focus of the company. Apple on the other side killed many products when Steve Jobs returned in late 90s just to maintain their focus. Not sure if Google will repeat it's success by trying to be in every market.
Feb 11, 2012
DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. used HP Converged Infrastructure technology in “Puss in Boots” as its backbone for complex animation. The film, which... Read More »
Northrop Grumman tested its Smart Integrated Vehicle Area Network (SiVAN) and vehicle-mounted sensors in a demonstration of advanced technologies for ground vehicle... Read More »