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Fresh From the Bench: Latest Precedential Patent Case

CASE OF THE WEEK Purdue Pharma L.P. v. Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. (United States Patent and Trademark Office intervening), Appeal No. 2022-1482 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 21, 2023) In the...

Lenovo Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against ASUS with US International Trade Commission

On November 15th, Lenovo (United States) Inc., a technology corporation, lodged a patent infringement complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) against...

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Written by Rebecca L. Wright, Ph.D. and Eric Furman, Ph.D. In an ongoing set of disputes in Oregon between farmers and corporations that hold GMO patents, farmers ... Read More »
A new announcement last month from Monsanto Company could have tremendous impact in both agriculture and patent allocation for genetic modification of seeds for crop... Read More »
Scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have transplanted brain cancer patients' own gene-modified blood stem cells in order to protect their bone... Read More »
Cadmium, a heavy metal toxic to human health, is present in very high levels in Japanese people compared to people from other countries. Cadmium poisoning results in... Read More »
  FRANKFURT (Reuters) - BASF has applied for European Union approval for Fortuna, a potato genetically modified to resist a common plant disease, as the... Read More »