Patexia Press Release

Patexia announces new crowdsourced prior art search study human-computer interaction patent

SANTA MONICA, May 2nd, 2013 -- Patexia, an online platform promoting innovation by improving the patent system by getting researchers involved in the process of patent review, announced a new crowdsourced prior art search contest on a patent for a user interface experience. Community members will have the opportunity to submit relevant prior art findings that help invalidate the key claims of the patent, via a contest format, with the potential to earn up to $5000 for their research as a contest prize.

“This is a great use of our platform and community,” said Patexia CEO Pedram Sameni, “we’re excited to have the opportunity to assess the validity of the patent.”

Researchers will seek sources which prove that this human-computer interaction technology was not original at the time its patent was filed by finding references which disclose the same techniques published before August 28th, 1997. The best reference will win most of the prize, with runner up prizes being reserved for similarly qualified submissions. Patexia is also offering a $500 referral prize to any member who refers the winner of the contest.

To date, Patexia has awarded thousands of dollars in prizes to it’s researchers for their efforts in both prior art, innovation, and commercial use studies.

Many Patexia researchers like the contests as an opportunity to use their expertise to help break bad patents, and earn money doing it. “Patexia's contests are an excellent way to take advantage of my technical expertise to earn money and develop valuable industry skills." said Lingkai Kong, an electrical engineering graduate student at UC Berkeley and winner of $5000 in the charge pump circuit contest at Patexia.

Researchers can see the new contest in the contests section of the site or at

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