Patexia Press Release

Los Angeles Startup Patexia Launches IPR Database with Visualization Tools

To provide leading edge patent data and analytics, Patexia has expanded its litigation database to include complete, up to date data and visualization tools for IPRs and other Patent Trial and Appeal Board proceedings.

Santa Monica, California, 20th February 2015 - Patexia has launched post-issuance proceeding data as part of its patent litigation research tools. Users now have free access to a complete listing of Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) proceedings, including inter partes review (IPR), post-grant review (PGR), transitional review for covered business method patents (CBM), and derivation proceedings (DER). The database offers advanced visualization tools to analyze trends.  Conveniently available statistics include a breakdown of top IPR petitioners by year.



Patexia’s database allows for analysis of trends and data over time by:

  • Petitioner
  • Type of proceeding
  • Patent

Advanced users also have access to more in depth analytics including data by industry.

Talking about the importance of IPRs and other post grant review proceedings, Patexia’s founder PedramSameni commented: “Patent quality is crucial as we move towards a more stable transaction market for IP. Keeping an eye on trends in IPRs and other patent quality indicators will be an important way to monitor the progress of the market as a whole.”


About Patexia:


Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and transparency to intellectual property through crowdsourcing, Patexia is an online platform connecting corporations to a community of 10,000 global subject matter experts who help them better assess, manage and monetize their IP portfolios.  By offering more reliable and in depth IP research through crowdsourcing, Patexia promotes efficiency and drives innovation.

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