Patexia Press Release

Patexia Uses the Power of Crowdsourcing to Control Patent Litigation Costs for Members

Members of the new Patexia.Defend program benefit from the power of crowdsourcing in combination with post-grant review to reduce patent litigation costs and improve efficiency.

Santa Monica, California, 19th March 2015 

Patexia.Defend is a membership-based program designed to leverage the power of crowdsourcing in combination with post-grant review proceedings such as Inter-Partes Review (IPR) to help reduce litigation costs for clients facing numerous patent litigation and pre-litigation cases in different technology  sectors. Patexia.Defend takes advantage of patent and litigation synergies between members to share cost savings. Patexia has received a commitment from its first Patexia.Defend member in the semiconductor sector.  

Included in the product launch, Patexia offers select active membership programs covering sub-sectors within the semiconductor space including wireless connectivity, flash memory, DRAM, semiconductor packaging, and semiconductor processes. Covered subject areas will expand continuously and flexibly based on member demand.


For Patexia.Defend members in each sector, Patexia:

  • Monitors the status of all patent infringement lawsuits and other patent related matters relevant to that sector.
  • Reviews and identifies possible issues, solutions and strategies for each matter (e.g. case type, parties involved, patents involved, related claims and products, etc.).
  • Investigates the validity of patents as necessary using the successful Patexia.Contest platform.
  • Delivers crowdsourced validity analysis reports and claim charts for any investigated patents to all members of that sector.
  • Uses, at Patexia’s sole discretion, the results of any invalidity study solution to undertake one or more validity challenges that may be available to Patexia (e.g. IPR, CBM, etc.).

The cost of a Patexia.Defend membership is a function of technology sector, member litigation history, and relevant industry trends for that technology sector.


About Patexia


Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and transparency to intellectual property through crowdsourcing, Patexia is an online platform connecting clients to a community of 10,000 global subject matter experts who help them better assess, manage and monetize their IP portfolios.  By offering more reliable and in depth IP research through crowdsourcing, Patexia promotes efficiency and drives innovation.