Patexia Press Release

NASA Partners with Crowdsourcing Platform Patexia to Discover Innovative Solutions

NASA Open Innovation Services will collaborate with Patexia to crowdsource creative approaches to problems facing NASA and other federal agencies.

Santa Monica, California, 5th June 2015

Today, NASA announced a contract with Patexia, launching a collaborative effort to bring together unique communities to work on the next generation of challenges facing NASA. NASA Open Innovation Services will act as the hub of the crowdsourcing initiative using challenge-based methodologies and platforms for NASA’s own challenges along with those launched by participating government agencies.

Patexia will support these efforts by harnessing its growing community of 10,000 subject matter experts. The Patexia community is not confined by the educational or cultural backgrounds of its individual members.  Instead, through competition, a creative and diverse solution set can be discovered.  Through crowdsourcing, the Patexia community is able to propose solutions based on ideas spanning areas of technical expertise impossible for any individual or research team to replicate alone.

The Obama administration has actively promoted the use of crowdsourcing through a number of initiatives, beginning with the 2009 Strategy for American Innovation. This strategy called on federal agencies to promote innovation through crowdsourcing and challenge models.  President Obama also created the Presidential Innovation Fellows program to drive innovation through Open Data, Platforms, and Crowdsourcing.  Patexia has been involved in promoting crowdsourced innovation for government agencies in the past, specifically working with the USPTO.  Pedram Sameni, CEO of Patexia, shared his experiences and ideas on crowdsourced patent and prior art research with the USPTO at two different  roundtables.


About Patexia


Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and transparency to intellectual property through crowdsourcing, Patexia is an online platform connecting clients to a community of 10,000 global subject matter experts who help them better assess, manage and monetize their IP portfolios.  By offering more reliable and in depth IP research through crowdsourcing, Patexia promotes efficiency and drives innovation.