Patexia Press Release

Patexia Joins the Federal Government to Celebrate Crowdsourcing for Innovation

Crowdsourcing experts and innovators gathered with federal employees and advocates to celebrate five years of successful crowdsourcing through the initiative and explore opportunities for the future.

Washington, DC, 8th October, 2015

As part of its efforts to raise awareness of crowdsourcing as a highly effective method for developing innovative new ideas, Patexia joined the federal government and other crowdsourcing experts in Washington DC to celebrate five-years of public-sector prize competitions through

During the event Patexia, along with other vendors providing challenge services for the government, gave a short presentation about its approach to crowdsourcing innovative solutions. Patexia highlighted the benefits of crowdsourcing throughout the lifecycle of an idea, from innovation, to IP protection, to product implementation.

The potential for crowdsourcing at the idea generation phase has gained popularity, and is the primary goal of Patexia’s contract with the NASA Tournament Lab.  However, the benefits of crowdsourcing don’t stop there. Once an idea is developed, Patexia uses crowdsourcing to evaluate its patentability and novelty. As ideas mature, Patexia helps defend against patent litigation.  Finally crowdsourcing has many benefits as ideas go to market. Patexia uses crowdsourcing for market research and to consult industry experts to discover important trends and critical needs.  Crowdsourcing can also uncover new applications for ideas and products beyond their original purpose and industry.

Patexia was honored to be a part of the US Government's celebration of innovative applications of crowdsourcing so far, and looks forward to supporting existing and new partners as they continue to delve into the many applications of crowdsourcing throughout the lifecycle of innovation.


About Patexia

Patexia was founded on a simple idea: use the power of collaboration and technology to open the way for innovation and improve the patent system. The essence of Patexia’s model is to bring together an active expert community to create innovative, cutting edge solutions to technical challenges through competition.