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Patexia Releases Second Annual Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report and Rankings

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Robin Tuason

Patexia Releases Second Annual Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report and Rankings

Patexia’s 2020  Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report provides rankings, statistics and comprehensive analysis of stakeholders in patent prosecution.

Santa Monica, CA (March 4, 2020): Today, Patexia, Inc., an intellectual property company and global IP community, is proud to announce our second annual Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report as part of our Patexia Insights series.  We realize that many law firms and attorneys struggle to distinguish themselves in the crowded patent prosecution space. This year, we evaluated over 3,500 law firms to identify the top law firms based on a number of metrics such as activity, success and efficiency. This enables patent prosecution practice groups to market themselves based on independent third-party rankings and proven results.

Our corporate clients use the report to  evaluate their existing counsel or find a new counsel for their patent work. We have looked at more than 100,000 companies (patent owners) to identify the top patent owners based on activity and quality of their portfolios. Our rankings can be leveraged by these organizations to make better decisions based on proven records.  Utilizing data from more than 1.7 million patents issued over the last five years (January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2019), this comprehensive report covers the top 1000 most active law firms, and companies.

Some interesting insights from this year’s report include the following:

  • During the last five years, 2.3M patent applications reached the final stage (either abandoned or issued).
  • During this period, a total of 1.75M patents were issued.
  • The overall Allowance Rate for USPTO was 75 percent, which resulted in 26M+ new claims.

Of more than 100,000 companies we evaluated during this period Samsung Electronics with 50,183 issued patents was ranked the Most Active company

The report also analyzes number of office actions, extensions, allowance rates at the application level and claim level for the top 1,000 most active law firms and companies. We have separately looked at the Best Performing law firms and companies in High-Tech and Bio-Tech sectors to identify the top 500 in each category. The report is accompanied with Excel sheets for easy access to all metrics and rankings. We also provide the top 100 law firms who have purchased the report with our 2019 Best Performing and Most Active Badges.

When asked about this release, Pedram Sameni, the company’s CEO, relayed the following  “we are excited about this release as we are building this on the success of our previous reports. This year, for the first time, we included the result of our survey of the IP community as we covered useful information about the prosecution process, cost and geographical locations.” He added: “data-driven decision making is going to be an integral part of any major organization and companies or law firms should have a dedicated budget for that every year.”

It remains critical for IP intensive corporations to understand this space better in order to control their cost and acquire the highest quality patents. 

The Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report is available for purchase now at

About Patexia
Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and transparency to intellectual property by leveraging the power of data, technology and experts, Patexia is a global network for IP professionals with over 100,000 profiles. The company offers IP services under four distinct arms: Patexia Connect (recruiting and experts), Patexia Contest (crowdsourced patent due diligence), Patexia Research (IP databases), and Patexia Insights (IP reports).

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About Pedram Sameni

Pedram Sameni is the CEO and founder of Patexia.  Sameni founded the company in 2010 after observing shortcomings in conventional methods for assessing patent value and validity while managing a portfolio of over 2,000 patent assets at International Rectifier. His mission was to build a vibrant online IP Community, where science, legal and business IP professionals connect and find solutions to their IP problems.  Sameni received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and worked for several high-tech companies before forming Patexia.


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