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Patexia Releases its First Annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report and Rankings

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Kate Galang
Client Solutions Associate

Patexia Releases its First Annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report and Rankings

Patexia’s 2020  ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report is the first in an annual series that provides rankings, statistics and comprehensive analysis of ANDA and Hatch-Waxman stakeholders as part of its research division.

Santa Monica, CA (August 19, 2020): Today, Patexia, Inc., an IP analytics company and global IP community, is proud to announce its first annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report as part of its Patexia Insights Series.  

ANDA and Hatch-Waxman litigation is one of the very important IP practice areas as it can significantly impact the profitability of brand or generic pharmaceutical companies.  We realize that many law firms and attorneys active in this space, would like to distinguish themselves, so we evaluated more than 240 law firms and 1,100 attorneys based on activity and performance, enabling lawyers and practice groups to market themselves based on independent third-party rankings and proven results. 

We also understand that brand and generic pharmaceutical companies need to find the right counsel for their Hatch-Waxman cases.  Our rankings can enable these companies to make better decisions based on proven records.  Utilizing data from about 1,000 ANDA cases filed over the past three years (June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2020), this comprehensive 114-page report ranks the law firms, local counsel, attorneys, judges, and companies by activity and performance.

Some interesting insights from this year’s report include the following:

  • During the last three years, 976 ANDA cases were filed by 182 brand pharmaceuticals against 180 generic pharmaceuticals.
  • 1,328 unique patents were at the center of these ANDA cases
  • 240 law firms represented the combined 320 pharmaceuticals either as defendants or plaintiffs.
  • 864 ANDA attorneys acted as lead counsel for defendants or plaintiffs
  • 250 attorneys acted as local counsel for plaintiffs and defendants

Of the more 320 pharmaceutical companies:

  • Teva Pharmaceuticals was the most active company with involvement in 108 cases
  • Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH was the best-performing company with a success rate of 100%

The report also touches on workload, staffing, cost and attorney hours based on a survey conducted by Patexia in July.

When asked about this report and its importance, Pedram Sameni, the company’s CEO, relayed the following  “We are excited about this new area of IP that we are covering. Hatch-Waxman litigation has been an important space in IP. While the number of cases may not be as high as some others, it is one of the more profitable areas for IP litigators. Pharmaceutical companies also need an unbiased system to help them understand the capabilities of those who represent them in courts, and when it comes to Hatch-Waxman, this kind of report is exactly what they need. It will help them with their decision making and counsel selection process, all based on historical data and unbiased system”.

He further added: “with the current pandemic and cancellation of social and networking events as well as conferences, law firms look at new ways to market their services and these independent third party rankings which is driven by data is one of the most effective ways of marketing with a very high return”.

When discussing the rankings and future plans, Sameni commented: “There aren’t many independent third-parties focused on data-driven rankings for IP practice areas. Based on the demand for our previous IP Insight reports, we believe both law firms and companies have found our reports very useful and are allocating an annual budget to it”.  He continued: “We are continuing to grow this arm of our business and hope to publish two more reports before the end of the year, IPR Intelligence Report in September and our first Trademark Intelligence Report in November”.  Patexia is hoping to carve out a name as a trusted source in this area. 

The ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report is available for purchase now at

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About Pedram Sameni
Pedram Sameni is the CEO and founder of Patexia.  Sameni founded the company in 2010 after observing shortcomings in conventional methods for assessing patent value and validity while managing a portfolio of over 2,000 patent assets at International Rectifier. His mission was to build a vibrant online IP Community, where science, legal and business IP professionals connect and find solutions to their IP problems.  Sameni received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and worked for several semiconductor companies before forming Patexia.


Kate Galang
Client Solutions Associate