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Patexia Releases its Fourth ITC Intelligence Report and Rankings

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Patexia Releases its Fourth ITC Intelligence Report and Rankings

Patexia’s 2023 ITC Intelligence Report is the fourth in an annual series that provides rankings, statistics, and a comprehensive analysis of ITC Section 337.

Santa Monica, CA (February 23, 2023): Today, Patexia, Inc., an IP company powered by Big Data and a global IP community, is proud to announce its fourth annual ITC Intelligence Report as part of its Patexia Insight series

This year, the report looks at 416 ITC investigations including 326 violation investigations filed between January 1, 2017, and December 31, 2022. It evaluates the activity and performance of all stakeholders. The report evaluates attorneys, law firms, companies (respondents and complainants), and Administrative Law Judges.


Some interesting highlights from this year’s report include the following:

  • Since 2016, 416 ITC Section 337 investigations have been filed
  • 386 law firms have represented respondents or complainants in 326 violation investigations.
  • 4,768 ITC attorneys have represented 1,927 respondents and complainants
  • More than 10,000 professionals including many testifying and non-testifying experts, translators, photographers, court recorders, etc. have directly or indirectly worked on these investigations
  • 1,927 companies were named either as complainants or respondents.
  • 1,040 patents were at the center of these cases


Aside from the rankings of law firms, attorneys, and companies, the report also includes coverage of the top clients for each law firm and attorney. The report provides an analysis of high-level statistics, including filing trends, investigation outcomes, appealed cases, time from filing to termination, and the most popular IPC codes for patent infringement unfair acts, among others. Furthermore, the report tracks the important lateral moves and expansions of law firms for the third consecutive year.

When discussing the rankings and this new release, Pedram Sameni, the company's CEO, stated, "ITC Section 337 has experienced consecutive growth for three years and has garnered interest from companies. As a result of this growth, our analysis shows that many large firms are looking for ITC talent." He further added, "We have made significant improvements to the ranking methodology this year. The success of a party in an ITC investigation is influenced by various factors beyond their control, such as the parties involved, the attorneys and law firms representing each party, and the judge, among others. To eliminate the impact of external factors on the success of an attorney or firm, we have implemented a regression model to minimize the impact of those factors."

When discussing future plans, Sameni commented "Patexia is the only company that conducts these analytical reviews of all stakeholders in various IP areas, including ITC Section 337 Investigations. We plan to release a total of eight IP Insight Reports throughout 2023, including this ITC report and the District Court Patent Litigation Report that was released in late January. As a trusted source in IP, Patexia aims to expand its reports to one per month as we continue to grow."

The ITC Intelligence Report is available for purchase now at ITC Intelligence Report 2023.


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About Pedram Sameni

Pedram Sameni is the CEO and founder of Patexia.  Sameni founded the company in 2010 after observing shortcomings in conventional methods for assessing patent value and validity while managing a portfolio of over 2,000 patent assets at International Rectifier. His mission was to build a vibrant online IP Community, where science, legal, and business IP professionals connect and find solutions to their IP problems.  Sameni received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and worked for several semiconductor companies before forming Patexia.


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