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Patexia Releases Fifth Annual Patent Intelligence Report and Rankings

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Patexia Releases Fifth Annual Patent Intelligence Report and Rankings

Patexia’s 2023 Patent Intelligence Report provides various statistics, revenue data, expenses, and comprehensive analysis and rankings of all stakeholders in patent prosecution including attorneys and agents.

Santa Monica, CA (March 30, 2023): Today, Patexia, Inc., an intellectual property company and global IP community, is proud to announce the release of its fifth annual Patent Intelligence Report as part of its Patexia Insights series.

The Patexia Patent Intelligence Report offers a comprehensive evaluation of patent firms, companies, and attorneys, providing a valuable resource for those looking to measure and compare the performance of patent counsel. Our proven methodology includes the analysis of patent statistics, best patent prosecution practices, activity of companies and law firms, and evaluation of technology centers and art units.

This year, we have evaluated over 30,000 active patent attorneys and agents, and for the first time we have also used examiners’ interviews as a new indicator of activity for attorneys. Interviews refer to a communication between the US Patent Office examiner and the applicant or the applicant's representative, typically a patent attorney or agent. Thanks to the hard work of the Patexia Data Science team, data extraction from millions of USPTO Public PAIR documents was automated, making this year's report even more robust and informative.

This report serves as a valuable tool for corporate clients seeking to evaluate their current patent counsel or identify new counsel. With analysis of approximately 1.8 million utility patents and over 2.3 million utility applications issued or abandoned between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2022, our number-driven rankings provide a comprehensive assessment of performance metrics. Our rankings can also benefit law firms, supporting their marketing and business development efforts. The report includes rankings for the top 2,000 most active law firms, companies, as well as patent attorneys and agents.

This year, we evaluated:

  • 2,332,609 Applications
  • 1,846,457 Patents
  • 27,826,561 Claims
  • 130,458 Assignees
  • 3,429 Patent Firms
  • 30,777 Active Patent Attorneys and agents

In addition, we have provided useful data for the entities  including:

  • The estimated 5-year patent revenue generated by attorneys or agents
  • The estimated 5-year patent revenue generated by patent firms
  • The estimated 5-year spending on US patent prosecution by corporations including the law firm fees, the USPTO fees and the US patent portfolio maintenance.
  • The top three clients for each of the attorneys/agents and the volume of work handled for each
  • The top three clients for each of the law firms and the volume of work handled for each
  • The top three law firms handling patent prosecution for each of the corporations and the volume of work handled by each firm.

Pedram Sameni, the company’s CEO relayed the following: “We are  thrilled about the new attorney-level data and also the inclusion of the examiners’  interviews. This required extensive data analysis from millions of PDF documents. However, thanks to the expertise of the company's data science team, they were able to uncover and extract this information”.

He further added: “With the availability of attorney-level data that includes examiners’ interviews, corporate IP counsel may better identify the activity of patent attorneys since the interview can only be conducted by the person named on the interview document. This was not the case for ADS documents and sometimes those documents are signed by an attorney different than the one preparing the applications”

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Founded in 2010 to bring efficiency and transparency to intellectual property by leveraging the power of data, technology and experts, Patexia is a global network for IP professionals with over 100,000 profiles. The company offers IP services under four distinct arms: Patexia Connect (recruiting and experts), Patexia Contest (crowdsourced patent due diligence), Patexia Research (IP databases), and Patexia Insights (IP reports).

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About Pedram Sameni

Pedram Sameni is the CEO and founder of Patexia.  Sameni founded the company in 2010 after observing shortcomings in conventional methods for assessing patent value and validity while managing a portfolio of over 2,000 patent assets at International Rectifier. His mission was to build a vibrant online IP Community, where science, legal and business IP professionals connect and find solutions to their IP problems.  Sameni received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and worked for several high-tech companies before forming Patexia.


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