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Patexia Crowdsources Ear-warmer Patent Search

SANTA MONICA, Jan. 8th, 2013 -- Patexia has posted its first contest of 2013, a study searching for looking for behind-the-head ear warmers. Patexia is crowdsourcing this prior art search to its expert community, which will help to demonstrate the invalidity of two patents currently involved in infringement litigation. The winning expert community member will receive a $5000 prize as a reward for their contribution. By lowering the cost and increasing the effectiveness of validity searches and other patent research, Patexia is helping to advance innovation.

The study seeks to demonstrate the invalidity of patents describing ear warmers which wrap behind the head of the wearer. This is Patexia’s fastest contest to date, due in only 3 days on January 18th. Community experts have already begun to submit entries.

“The ear warmer contest is perfect for our style of crowdsourced search,” said founder and CEO Pedram Sameni. “The difficulty here is quickly going through a wealth of relevant historical evidence to see if anyone’s had this idea before, and this where our expert community really shines.”

Qualified experts and prior art searchers can request an invitation to join Patexia’s community and take part in our patent research contests for cash prizes. Community members also have unrestricted access to Patexia’s extensive patent research tools. This is Patexia’s study.

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