Serial No. 97008952
Filing date Sep 2, 2021

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Goods and Services

Apparatus and instruments for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound and/or images for electric or optical signal transmission; telecommunications apparatus (including international prepaid phonecards and electronic vouchers); telecommunications Financial services; mobile financial services; payment and financial services via global electronic communications networks; financial services relating to the provision of vouchers for the purchase of goods; issuing of vouchers for use as money; electroni Telecommunications; telecommunications services; communications services; mobile telecommunications services; mobile telecommunications network services; fixed line telecommunication services; chat room services; portal services; electronic mail services; IT services; ICT services; services of ICT specialists; technical advice regarding computer hardware; technical advice regarding computer software; developing and designing goods in the field of telecommunications; research in the field of telecommunicatio

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Sep 2, 2021

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Africell Holding Limited

Attorney of Record

Michelle P. Ciotola

Michelle P. Ciotola

Law Firm

Cantor Colburn

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Service Mark