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Chineses Doctors at Changsha, china, have implanted 3-D printed titanium alloy skull to a 3 year old girl suffering from hydrocephalus, accumulation of excess... Read More »
Dr. Debashis Chanda from the University of Central Florida has developed an ultra thin flexible, full color reflective display film. The film is few microns thick and... Read More »
MIT scientists have developed a nanosize spectrometer which can  fit inside a smartphone camera, which can be used for skin diseases, environmental pollutants and ... Read More »
A sensor equipped handheld device called e-nose has been developed by the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University (TNAU), Coimbatore, India  in collaboration with... Read More »
An Indian origin boy settled in UK has discovered a diagnostic antibody “Trojan horse” capable of penetrating the brain and binding to the neurotoxic... Read More »
Prof. Yingfu  Li and colleagues from McMaster University, Canada have developed a DNA based diagnostic technique for detecting bacterial infections , 10000 tims... Read More »
Axon Neuroscience , has reported successful Phase I clinical trial of a vaccine named AADvacI, against the “tau” protein, that  cause the... Read More »
A palm-sized gene sequencer called MinION, has been developed by  UK-based Oxford Nanopore Technologies.  This is a portable  device capable of... Read More »
Scientists at the Univerity of California have developed a synthetic cell membrane capable of growth. This artificial cell membrane is claimed to be  continually... Read More »
NASA Scientists have succeeded in growing turkey muscle cells and gold fish cells in the laboratory for feeding astronomers. ‘Lab to table’  meat will ... Read More »
In a breakthrough technology invention, Jordan Gosnell , Josph Vettukattil and group  from Helen DeVos Chldrens’ Hospital, US have created a hybrid 3-D... Read More »
Eli Lilly has won patent case on the lung cancer drug Alimpta over  the generic challenger, Actavis y the London appeals court. This prevents Actavis from... Read More »