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Tracy is an experienced well intervention engineer with 18+ years experience in the oil and gas industry. Most recently, Tracy served as a sr staff engineer for Morrison Well Services and a Consultant and Technical Engineer for Fieldwood Energy. 12 years of experience consulting, supporting and interacting with Sales Teams, Engineering/Technical Departments and Field Operations providing Oil & Gas Products, Services and Well Intervention Solutions. Oil & Gas Field Operations expertise includes 8 years of business development/sales and technical product management/support/development. 5 years electric line well site supervision and operations with drilling rigs, workovers, completions and all aspects of well intervention. He has a background in wireline well intervention, well logging as well as tubing conveyed services and other well intervention services. His fields of expertise include the Barnett Shale, Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, Haynesville Shale and the Gulf of Mexico as well as many other fields of operation world wide. He has established and lead the sales team responsible for creating and developing the Well Tractor market on US land and Gulf of Mexico. His expertise in thru-tubing completion and production technologies including wireline/slickline conveyed inflatable packer systems as well as thru-tubing gravel packs and sand control. Additionally, he has extensive knowledge and R&D work with polymers and various inflation elements. Previously, he managed the global operations, marketing, R&D and technical support of TAM Internationals electro-hydraulic wireline/slickline conveyed inflatable packer setting tool system (SlikPak) (2007 to 2009). Prior to that, he was Operations Manager/Sales Manager at Superior Energy Services (2005 to 2006).
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