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The patent litigation dispute of Apple v. Samsung was a landmark legal battle involving multiple trials and appeals. Before their patent... Read More »
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In the dynamic legal industry, lateral moves emerge as important events that shape the landscape of firms and the careers of individual attorneys... Read More »
In late February this year, we published our fifth annual ITC Intelligence Report 2024, diving into a comprehensive analysis of investigations... Read More »
Tomorrow marks the highly anticipated release of our fourth annual Trademark Intelligence Report, offering a comprehensive analysis of the... Read More »
In the competitive world of patent prosecution, where innovation meets legal complexities, the choice of the right patent law firm for your needs... Read More »
Section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 empowers the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to investigate and address unfair acts in the... Read More »
In January, we released our Patent Litigation Intelligence Report, a comprehensive analysis essential for all stakeholders involved in patent... Read More »
Patexia’s Patent Intelligence Report is due for release tomorrow, marking our ongoing commitment to mapping patent prosecution activity in... Read More »
Patent litigation is essential for safeguarding the rights of patent owners, and over the past decade, its significance has only grown, catalyzed... Read More »
We released our fourth annual Patent Litigation Intelligence Report in late January. This report offers a comprehensive overview of the landscape... Read More »
As the patent litigation landscape continues to evolve, it's essential not only to analyze the trends and shifts but also to examine the law... Read More »
Tomorrow marks the release of the highly anticipated ITC Intelligence Report, offering invaluable insights into the landscape of Section 337 U.S... Read More »
Tomorrow we will be releasing the 2024 edition of the Patent Litigation Intelligence Report, a powerful resource for legal professionals and... Read More »
We are set to publish the Patent Litigation Intelligence Report later this month. The report provides an extensive range of statistics derived from ... Read More »
In late August of this year, our ANDA Intelligence 2023 Report was released, a comprehensive study, covering the Hatch-Waxman litigation within US... Read More »
In response to the overwhelming interest in our weekly Insights, covering the entire spectrum of Intellectual Property (IP), we are excited to... Read More »