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Country United States  
Interests Science and Technology  
Degree: Ph.D  
Languages English  
Tevfik Kosar has 20+ years of research and 15+ years of management experience in applying state- of-the-art AI/ML solutions to enhance the performance, scalability, and sustainability of distributed systems, hybrid and multi-cloud computing. and edge-to-cloud pipelines. His research combines novel data science, machine learning and systems research to provide robust, intelligent and sustainable solutions for end-to-end data lifecycle automation, resource capacity planning, quality of experience optimization for real-time and on-demand networked I/O, poor cause analysis, and dynamic online resource scheduling. His significant contributions has been in the areas of green computing, performance and energy efficiency in large-scale computing systems (i.e., clouds, HPC, and data centers), and incorporation of edge/IoT to digital continuum over wide-area networks. Major application areas of his research includes genomics, health sciences, emergency response, and environmental sciences. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers in this area, and led the development of several widely used innovative research software, tools, and algorithms.
LinkedIn Profile URL LinkedIn  
Department Computer Science  
Focus Green and sustainable computing., HPC, clouds, data centers  
Skills Computer Networks, Clean Technology, Computer Software, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Computer Science, Cloud Computing, green computing, sustainability, HPC, data centers, optimization, energy efficiency, scalability, performance  

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