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In the first week of August, over 40 new patent cases were filed in the US courts:   1. Advanced Display Technologies of Texas, LLC v. Dell et. al. ... Read More »
  Over 50 new cases were filed in last week of July. They are:   1. Purple Leaf, LLC v. Amazon.Com et. al. Case: 6:11-cv-00377... Read More »
  Last week over 50 new early stage patent caes were filed in US disctrict courts: 1. Martin Gardner Reiffin v. William H. Gates, III et. al... Read More »
Last week there were 50 new patent lawsuits in the United States:   1. Innovatio IP Ventures, LLC v. Anthony Klok, an individual, d/b/a Best... Read More »
Last week was a shorter week due to 4th of July long weekend. Only 34 new cases were filed last week: 1. Paid Search Engine Tools, LLC v. Google et. al. ... Read More »
Last week, there was over 50 new patent infringement cases filed in the US:   1. Taylor Valve Technology Inc v. Scientific Linings & Coatings... Read More »
Last week there were over 40 new cases filed in courted across the United States:   1. Starlinger & Co. Gmbh v. Windmoller & Holscher... Read More »
Last week there were about 60 new patent cases in the US:   1. C.R. Daniels. Inc. et. al. v. Naztec International Group, Inc. ... Read More »
Last week there were more than 50 new patent infringement cases:     1. Prime Source Accessories, Inc. v. Kennedy International et. al. ... Read More »
Last week there were about 36 new patent cases:   1. X2Y Attenuators LLC v. Intel Corporation et. al. Case: 1:11-cv-00117 filed on... Read More »
  Last week, there were over 40 new cases file: 1. Tric Tools, Inc. v. RAM Hydraulic Manufacturing, LLC  Case: 4:11-cv-02499... Read More »
Last week, over 50 new patent cases were filed in US courts:   1. Walker Digital LLC v. Cryptic Studios Inc. et. al. Case: 1:11-cv-00423... Read More »
Rolls-Royce Group Plc , the world’s second-largest maker of jet engines, lost the patent- infringement case it brought against United Technologies Corp. ’s... Read More »
A judge with the International Trade Commission rules that Kodak's technology does not violate Apple's patents relating to digital photography. Read this blog post by... Read More »
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court found memory chip designer Rambus Inc was wrong to shred hundreds of boxes of documents relevant in two patent infringement... Read More »
John Owens was confronted on his first day as chief information officer at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by technology in "a state beyond horrific." Put in charge ... Read More »
On Friday, several developers of Apple iOS apps received notice that they were violating US patent 7,222,078. These letters came from a patent licensing company based... Read More »
Last week, over 40 new patent infringement cases were filed in courts across the USA:     1. Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc. v. Kelora Systems... Read More »
Ever since stem cell research began in the late 1900’s, the field has been fraught with a variety of issues including bioethics, funding, and general skepticism... Read More »
Analog Devices Inc. said Wednesday that the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled in its favor in a patent case. But its opponent, Knowles Electronics LLC... Read More »