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Earlier this week, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) upheld a judge's October ruling that cleared Samsung of patent infringement claims levied by... Read More »
Earlier this week, Fiserv and FIS, a global banking and payment technology company, resolved a long-running patent dispute. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board found... Read More »
Earlier this week, Blue Spike LLC filed a complaint for patent infringement against Xiaomi in the Eastern District of Texas. US Patent 8,930,719 - data protection... Read More »
A recent study shows that the US is on pace to receive a record number of clean energy patents in 2015 after eight consecutive yearly increases dating back to 2007... Read More »
Last week, RPX entered into a new patent licensing agreement with Spherix under which Spherix granted RPX the right to sub-license select patents to its member... Read More »
For a little light reading ahead of the holiday, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) published the latest installment in its "Stupid Patent of the... Read More »
On the back of recent patent victories over Samsung and Huawei related to their use of 4G technology, shares of Unwired Planet rose as much as 20%. Los Altos... Read More »
Merck & Co. company Cubist Pharmaceuticals has only one patent left covering its Cubicin antibiotic. Hospira, which is planning a to release a generic version of... Read More »
Earlier this week, Drink Tanks Corporation sued GrowlerWerks Inc for allegedly infringing US Patent 9,156,670 - Systems for Storing Beverages, to prove that even ... Read More »
Last week, the US District Court of Minnesota ruled that a patent dispute between ATV makers Polaris and Arctic Cat should be stayed pending the outcome of IPRs... Read More »
Walter Valdivia posted an interesting piece on the reputational cost for universities involved in patent litigation on a Brookings Institute blog earlier today... Read More »
A recent report shows that the US Navy was awarded 393 patents in fiscal year 2015, the highest number since 1977. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) drives... Read More »
Earlier this week, the United States and the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) at the World Trade Organization reached an agreement on a pharmaceutical patent... Read More »
Earlier this week, India-based Sun Pharma settled patent litigation with Acorda Therapeutics over the launch of a generic version of Ampyra, a drug used to... Read More »
Abandoned patents have increased by over 30% in the past 10 years as companies continuously look for cost-cutting measures. Nearly 124,000 patents in the US and... Read More »
Earlier this week, a Wisconsin jury found that Apple infringed US Patent 5,781,752, which is owned by Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). WARF says that the... Read More »
Jon La BreaThis was this recent article in New York times which talks about the same issue and I found it very interesting:
Oct 27, 2015
Over the weekend, the LA Times' Larry Gordon published an interesting article on some of the recent patent monetization success enjoyed by the University of... Read More »
Earlier this week, Australia's highest court ruled unanimously that Myriad Genetics cannot patent a version of the BRCA1 gene, which is linked to an increased... Read More »
Opexa Therapeutics announced the issuance of four new patents covering its broad T-cell immunotherapy platform earlier this week, bringing its total portfolio... Read More »
Earlier today, the US Supreme Court rejected an appeal by Vringo Inc subsidiary I/P Engine to restore a $30M patent infringement verdict it had previously won against ... Read More »