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As patents on major, money-making pharmaceuticals such as Lipitor, Plavix and Zyprexa run out and begin to face generic competition, drug companies have been... Read More »
An estimated six million Americans harbor an aneurysm. Aneurysms occur when artery walls are weakened, causing a saclike bulge in the blood vessel. People can live... Read More »
Technology and health care go hand in hand. Technological advances are vastly improving the way we diagnose and treat illness and disease. As these advancements... Read More »
Advances in pharmaceutical development have greatly increased our ability to treat disease, but side effects remain a major issue. Most pharmaceuticals attempt to... Read More »
Over the past century, the personal response to breast cancer has dramatically changed. While breast cancer is still greatly feared (and rightly so), the increased... Read More »
Delivery is everything -- just ask a stand up comedian. What's true in comedy clubs, is also the case for pharmaceuticals. While no one would debate the... Read More »
Technological advancement has revolutionized manufacturing procedures. One of the most talked about advancements in manufacturing is 3D printing. 3D printing not only ... Read More »
Our understanding of genetic diseases has rapidly advanced. As processing of genetic codes becomes cheaper and easier, the market for individualized genetic testing... Read More »
If you are one of the 48 percent of Americans that took a prescription drug in the past month, you probably read through a litany of potential side effects attributed ... Read More »
Modern pharmaceuticals have played an important role in extending our lives. When we think about drug discovery, we generally imagine scientists in white lab coats... Read More »
Pink slime fed to kids at schools. Listeria and arsenic found in food. Even food packaging can leech unhealthy chemicals into our diet. While the cases of severe ... Read More »
Our cells need energy. The majority of this energy comes from adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is generated by mitochondria. In addition to acting as the... Read More »
Therapeutic hypothermia  is currently one of the hottest trends in medicine. It's mainly being used to reduce injury to the brain following a disruption of... Read More »
Our ability to control human fertility is astounding. The numerous advances made in assisted reproductive technology allow “infertile” couples to... Read More »
The peripheral nervous system plays an integral role in the how one’s body functions. With afferent nerves carrying sensory information to the brain and... Read More »
‘Green’ may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of pharmaceuticals, but, recently, drug companies have been committing to more... Read More »
Since everyone occasionally experiences symptoms of depression such as feeling sad, unmotivated and disconnected, the distinction between normal negative emotion and... Read More »
We’ve all been there…Starving at a gas station convenience store, eyeing the sandwiches in the refrigerated section. Is that egg salad sandwich safe to... Read More »
maria luz caliboVery informative article! I didn't know about the BPA in canned goods. All the while I thought it is only present in plastic containers and I love eating canned goods because they are easy to prepare. Now, I will have to think twice before digging in.
Feb 4, 2012
Sofia IzquierdaAs much as I prefer ignore the chemicals we eat, this important to read and know.
Feb 3, 2012
As someone who grew up with instant water from the tap, it’s easy to forget that water is a limited resource. Constant accessibility to clean water allows many... Read More »
You may remember the scare -- infected beef causing brains to become holey and sponge-like, cows being slaughtered and consumers living on edge. The source of this... Read More »
Aurora SterlingI believe that, even in the US, people who were in the UK for an extended time during the mad cow outbreak can't donate blood. Maybe this has been changed since I last tried to give, but an accurate blood test would clearly impact donated blood supplies all over the world.
Jan 24, 2012