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The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA was abuzz with coffee-fueled conversation the weekend of Oct. 21-22nd as a very diverse bunch -... Read More »
It has been a very good couple of years for nanotechnology. That much can be easily said in between last year's Nobel prize for graphene (which is one atom thin... Read More »
In a Duke University laboratory, a monkey uses a brain-computer interface to control a digital monkey arm and literally feel the texture of objects in a virtual... Read More »
Scientists at the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute in Australia successfully bring to term six healthy shark pups — in an artificial womb. This uterus is no... Read More »
Natalia TchemodanovIt would be interesting to hear more about what you mean as "progressive evolution". Do you mean we shouldn't be using technology to save a species which is maladapted to its environment? Perhaps not, but our fishing activities are what is causing the extinction. On the other hand, we, as a species are a part of the environment, so perhaps our activities can be considered 'natural'.
Oct 9, 2011
Anonymous While I agree it's amazing, and a step forward for science. It is most certainly another step away from progressive evolution. The bias from which you wrote the article set aside, it was quite informative and well written and cited. -C
Oct 5, 2011
A neuroimaging research group from the University of California, Berkeley, recently astonished the world with images of video clips reconstructed from the... Read More »
Anonymous Fascinating, but a little perturbing. -c
Oct 9, 2011