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Santa Monica
Interests Science and Technology  
Degree: BA  

Ann Conkle joined Patexia as a Content Associate in December 2011. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and then spent several years as Editor of the Observer, the monthly magazine of the Association for Psychological Science. She is passionate about science communication and the science community being built at Patexia.

Focus Science Communication  
Skills Semiconductors, Cyber Security, Aerospace & Defense, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Computer Networks, Clean Technology, Internet Privacy & Online Identity, Cardiology & Circulatory System, Chemical Engineering, Telecommunications, Social Media, Oncology, Computer Software, Immunology, Consumer Electronics, Neurology, Energy Industry, Health Information Technology & Telemedicine, Stem Cells, Medical Regulation, Mental Health, Pathology, Orthopedics, Genetics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Surgery, Dentistry, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Optoelectronics, Mechanical Engineering, Microelectromechanical Systems, Analog Circuit, Public Health, Electronic design automation (EDA), Solar Energy  

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