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My name is Kenneth Bledsoe with over 20 years of Fluid hydraulics and electrical experience. Here's a list of some of the platforms and projects I have worked on from start to finish. services for BP America, Conoco Phillips, British Gas, Petrobras, shell and Anadarko Subsea Lead Controls and Hardware Service Engineer.
Establish self as technical SME on Fluid Analysis and expandable Tubular/Elastomers to foster a relationship with the customer based on technical credibility using Proven Practices, personal integrity, deep technical knowledge, and unsurpassed understanding of shipyard, installation and project dynamics and limitations for the benefit of the customer’s project ..
Write reports using Proven Practices templates and check lists.

Evaluate, assess, review and correct as appropriate customer equipment technical documentation, e.g. specifications, line drawings, general arrangement drawings, test plans, acceptance plans, etc.

Understand relevant regulatory requirements and their application to customer equipment and installation.
Recommend improvements to customer test plans.

Establish self as subject matter expert with customer and expert in designated technical discipline(s).

Demonstrate ability to expend extra effort and time when necessary to meet commitments.

Demonstrate self-starting capabilities to fill standby time with productive tasks that benefit the customer and / or company.
Provide valued, relevant and significant assessments, reviews, observations, and recommendations to achieve maximum practical installation up time (≥96%) from startup post project completion on items falling within the critical scope.
Understand customer decision making factors and process.
Adhere to , Customer and Regulatory requirements, methods and processes to achieve maximum economic benefit for the customer and Athens Group by utilizing established and required methods and processes.
Maintain situational awareness pertaining to new business opportunities by a) understanding the customer’s business needs b) by working closely with project personnel and on site leadership to better serve the customer’s ultimate goal of increased uptime from their mission critical installations