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CTO, Prophecy Sensorlytics/Opteev Inc
Ellicott City
Country United States  
Interests Science and Technology  
Degree: Ph.D  
Biplab Pal, PhD (US citizen) 24 years of experience in R&D, Products, of Sensors/ IoT , AI & Autonomy +1 7143090509[C] 24 years of experience in Productization of Sensors, Sensor Network, Data Network, IoT (Cyber Physical System) and Machine Learning – 26 US Patents filed ( 15 approved till Jan2022) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: IP expertise : Patent Portfolio : 26 US patents in IoT/Edge AI ( 15 approved), 11 pending Details of the patents available in the link Litigation Experience : I have provided Patent invalidation research/ expert witness/technology discovery/code review for the litigators in the selected areas where I have Industrial and Research experience. System on Chips ( SoC)- Integrated Chips/memory chip-for AI/ML/ Telecommunication Electronics/Sensors devices AIML in edge/IoT/Telecommunication Systems Past case studies on patent invalidations: I use highly advanced Machine learning software for deep contextual search in NPL (non-patent literature) and foreign patents. I extensively use IEEE databases and patent databases of Japan, South Korea and Europe. 1. Interconnect Devices, Inc. v. Johnstech International Corp., N.D. Cal. Case No. 3:14-cv-01113-JD - Retained for Patent invalidation research and claim mapping for 4 patents involved in this case using both patent and non-patent literature 2. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP --Explored System on chip product codes, papers, apps, specs to establish possible infringement of 2 image processing patents by a Fortune 500 Japanese electronics company Appointments Feb 2022-Present : Adjunct Research Faculty, CARDS (Center for Real Time Distributed Sensing and Autonomy)/Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Information System, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, USA: Research Area- AI & Autonomy in Military applications Sept 2014-Present: President, Co-founder and CTO of Machinesense LLC ( Now Prophecy Sensor LLC) & Opteev Healthtech Inc in Baltimore, Maryland Sept 2021-Present : CTO and Cofounder of Opteev Technology Inc, Bio-sensing platform for Home Healthcare Development of several IoT and Edge AI products such as Virawarn ( World’s first Viral Load Detection System), Feverwarn (Commercially most successful automated Fever screening system in US market) , PumpSense ( connected & cloud based monitoring of vacuum pumps), Power Analyzer ( remote diagnosis of power quality issues in factories, buildings, hospitals ), Vibration Analyzer ( connected machine monitoring), Bridge monitoring System ( connected structural health monitoring) Deployment of IoT products in 1000+ US factories/buildings/Hospitals 22 US Patents in IoT system filed, 16 approved Microsoft recognized Machinesense among top 10 global start-up in IoT in 2018 and granted $0.5M credit for Azure IoT platform Gold partnership with Siemens Industry 4.0 Mindsphere platform Top customers/partners include Siemens, Nike, Microsoft and 7 other fortune 500 companies Feb 2012- Sept 2014 : Zreyas Technology Inc : Co-founder/CTO, Columbia, Baltimore Development of 8 wireless (BLE/WiFi/Zigbee/LoRa) connected sensors in smoke detection, alcohol in breathing, ground monitoring system etc. Feb 2008-Feb,2012: Ciena Corp., Linthicum, Maryland, USA Principal Engineer, National/Regional Network Design for AT&T, Verizon etc. Dec 2003- 2007 Endress+Hausser(E+H), Anaheim, California R&D Manager Optical Sensor Division. Sensor design for wastewater, Biotech, Pharma & Oil&Gas. Feb 2001 – June 2003: Kirana Networks, Redbank, NJ Optical System Engineer, Network Design Tool manager Nov 1999 – Dec 2000: ARTIS Software Corporation, Turin, Italy Optical System Engineer/Simulator design Now acquired by R-Soft Design Group,NYC Products Sensor+ AI based Cloud connected products for the communities (Industrial, Cities, Hospitals etc.) developed/Led by Dr Biplab Pal in Machinesense/Prophecy/Opteev LLC Virawarn : World’s first viral load detection system News : News1 News2 All Patent: US 63/119,454 Feverwarn : Most successful IoT connected automated Feverscreening System in North American Market News : All News Patent : US2021/023923 Power Quality Analyzer: IoT/Cloud/edge based diagnosis of power quality, energy wastage, machine health issues in Industry, Hospitals, Buildings : Product Link : Patent 1 : Patent 2 : News1 : News2 : News3 : News4 : News5 PumpSense : Sensor/edge/cloud/IoT based predictive maintenance of Pumps Product Link : Patent 1 : Patent 2 : News1 : News 2: News3 Vibration Analyzer : Predictive health monitoring of Machine Components Product Link : Patent 1 : News 1 : Bridge/ Structural Health Monitoring System : Sensor based 24x7 cloud monitoring of distressed bridges : Product Link : News1 : News2 Dryersense : Predictive health monitoring of Industrial Drying System: Product Link : Patent 1 : Patent 2: News1 Air Quality Monitoring System : Product Link D. Education PhD (1996-2001), Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India Dissertation: Non-linear impairment in Optical Communication Systems MS (1996), Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India Area of Specialization: Solid State Physics & Optical Electronics BS (1994), Department of Physics Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India E. Other products Dr Pal was involved which is of relevant to the IoT community: Wastewater Quality Monitoring Sensors at per EPA standard IoT plug-in app services in Azure cloud for scalable monitoring of large cyber physical system Cloud Expert Platform for data science research in Sensor based system Fire hazard in the factories and building from old/poor electrical connection H. Synergic Activities in Teaching & Training Conducted a three days workshops on IoT security for Utility major like Hydro-Quebec Conducted a two day (23-24th July,2018) EU sponsored workshop in University of Nottingham, UK to train local machine manufacturers on how to make smart machinery products using latest Industrial 4.0 platforms and sensors. Developed extensive training/course materials on IoT to train investors, engineers and managers in the area of manufacturing, telecom and retails since 2012-several workshops delivered to the Industries in US, UK, China,Canada, Hongkong and Singapore via Global training Led the panel discussion on Future of Industrial 4.0 and AI in Siemens Automation Summit in 2018 in Florida Panel discussion on how to get customers in Industrial 4.0 for entrepreneurs -organized by Microsoft and TIE in Bangalore, India Worked as a mentor to several IoT start-ups in US and Indian Government incubators
LinkedIn Profile URL LinkedIn  
Department Information System, EE/CS  
Focus IoT, AI, Edge AI, Sensor  
Skills Physics, Electrical Engineering, Photonics, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software as a service (SaaS), Digital Media, Computer Architecture, Image Processing, Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Natural Language Processing, Embedded Devices, Low-power microelectronics, Optics, Big Data, Semiconductors, Sensors, Signal Processing, Wireless and Sensor Networks, Applied Mathematics, Electrochemical Energy Storage, Product Design, Quantum Computing, Solid State Devices, Pharmacogenomics, Computer Forensics, Algorithms and Complexity, Optoelectronics, Computer Software, Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Radio Frequency (RF)  

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