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AURIS HEALTH, INC., v. INTUITIVE SURGICAL OPERATIONS, INC., Before Dyk, Prost, and Reyna. Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board... Read More »
The FDA recently cleared Prescient Surgical’s CleanCisionTM  Wound Retraction and Protection System (CleanCisionTM), a retractable device designed to... Read More »
Written by Peter Heuser, Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt In Chudik the Circuit rules that no substantial evidence supports the Board’s determination of... Read More »
Could 3D printing be the key to engineering 3D tissue structures, such as full-size human organs for use in transplants? Bioengineers have long been able to grow... Read More »
Space age imaging equipment, up until now developed and used by NASA to study distant stars, will soon be a critical tool of the operating room. The infrared camera... Read More »
The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center has become one of fewer than 70 health care providers in the United States to use new Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion... Read More »
A novel procedure for young children with severe scoliosis has received CE marking, meaning it meets European safety, health and environmental protection standards... Read More »
A skin transplant surgery has been proven safe and effective for restoring skin pigmentation in patients with vitiligo, according to a new study. Researchers followed ... Read More »
The ingredient that makes hot sauce hot could be the key to weight loss. A new study examines whether two surgeries, called vagal de-afferentation and vagotomy, can... Read More »
Researchers at McLean Hospital have shown a new category of "green" nanoparticles, non-toxic, protein-based particles that can non-invasively cross the... Read More »
Here's your weekly roundup of hot medical news... Kidney transplant breakthroughs   For the first time, a kidney that had been donated to... Read More »
For the first time, a kidney that had been donated to one patient was removed and implanted into a new patient, after it failed in the first transplant recipient. Ray ... Read More »
Yale doctors have performed a novel surgery on a 4-year-old girl born with a congenital heart defect that was the first of its kind done in the United States. Angela... Read More »
More than 20 million Americans suffer from type II diabetes and the incidence of this disease is on the rise. In diabetes, the body doesn't respond to the hormone ... Read More »
From the beginning of science fiction, robots have often been a central plot point, striving to destroy us. But, seeing how we treated these machines as both slaves... Read More »
Here’s the weekly collection of hot medical news! Health on trial at the Supreme Court The Supreme Court has been busy with health topics. First... Read More »
Everyday, heart disease patients and doctors decide between treating blocked arteries with bypass surgery or less-invasive percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI... Read More »
Today, the details of the most extensive full face transplant completed to date, including both jaws, teeth, and tongue, were released. The 36-hour operation occurred ... Read More »
Overweight, diabetic patients who had bariatric surgery achieved significant improvement or remission of their diabetes, according to new research. Some weight loss... Read More »
People with kidney failure may think that they're better off getting a new kidney from a young donor, but a recent study indicates that for those over 39, the age ... Read More »