Patexia An Introduction to Market Research

Market ResearchWhy are we doing this?

Patexia is attempting to understand the expert consensus around a particular topic from people with either first hand knowledge or extensive research background in the field.

Think of this as a chance to share your thoughts about your industry. You’re the expert; we’re trying to understand your opinions about the nature of your field.

What’s the ideal submission?

A Market Research contest will include three types of questions:

  1. qualifying questions are about the subject matter and must be answered correctly in order for a user to be eligible for a prize
  2. market consensus questions are about the subject matter and are the basis for the prize determination
  3. survey questions are about your first-hand industry experience and/or academic/research background and will be used to evaluate your answers to the market consensus question

An ideal submission will include:

  • a brief explanation of your first-hand experience with the subject-matter and/or your academic/research background in the survey questions
  • answers to the market consensus questions based on your educated opinion gained from your first hand experience and/or academic/research background in the qualifying and market consensus questions
  • a reasoned explanation of your answers to help persuade and prove the validity of your opinion
  • the optional inclusion of references as needed to support your reason explanation


  • help prove to us and our client that you both (1) know what you’re talking about and (2) that your opinion is the right one

No date requirement.What’s the right date?

Submitting references to support your answers is entirely optional, and if you so choose to, there is no date restriction on your reference.

How do I get $?

For Market Research contests,, we will use a multiple sub-contest prize pool distribution where:

  • we award winners and money based on your background, the answers you submitted to the qualification questions, and the answers you submitted to the market consensus questions
  • you can earn money for each answer you submit to a market consensus question that is amongst the top ranked for that market consensus question

You are competing with your peers in submitting the most convincing response to the market consensus questions based on:

  1. your expertise and background as described in the survey questions
  2. your ability to answer the qualifying questions
  3. your ability to explain and persuade that your answer represents the best interpretation of the market