Patexia About the Leaderboard

The Patexia Leaderboard uses a point system measuring engagement across the Patexia platform to quantify community member achievements. Points are recalculated at the end of each day to take new activity into account.  You can find our current member rankings here.

How do I earn Points?

Patexia users can earn points through a wide variety of actions.  Contests are a core factor with points awarded for contest participation, your score for each contest, and other factors like bonus points for non-patent literature submissions.

You can also rack up points by participating in the Patexia Community.  Gain points by joining interest groups or voting on a Quorum contest you are interested in.  Express your opinion to get points by posting articles in the newsfeed, writing analytical articles, and joining discussions.  You can also earn point by building relationships, when a user you refer joins the platform you also get rewarded.

What about the Badges?

Another way Patexia measures the successes of each of our members is by awarding badges as members try new things and reach milestone achievements.

You can always check out your badges on your profile and your dashboard.

Keep in mind we have kept a few badges secret for you to discover as you explore all of the opportunities available on the platform.  Happy hunting!


Icons used in badges created by WPZOOM (CC BY-SA 3.0) and Icon 8.